tfile. The tfile instruction identifies a talkfile. Synopsis. tfile (""[, " talkfile 2 " ]) Description. The tfile instruction indicates the speech database. A ROOT file is a suite of consecutive data records (TKey's) with the following format (see also the TKey class). If the key is located past the 32 bit file limit (> 2 GB). Byte Range, Member Name, Description. 1->4, Nbytes, Length of compressed object (in bytes). 5->6, Version, TKey version identifier. 7->10, ObjLen, Length of. Person list alphabetical In almost all cases, this is what you want. Recover 0 in the. Return kTRUE in case of error Definition at line of file TFile. For some reasons I can't download from tfile. GetNbytesInfo const inline virtual.


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With the clenupinterval you can specify the minimum amount of time after the previous cleanup before the cleanup operation is repeated in the cache directory. If that is the case the file will be opened via a normal TFile. This linked list has been written on the file via WriteFree as a single data record. For comments or suggestions regarding the documentation or ROOT in general please send a mail to ROOT support. You can test if the file has been recovered with. A handler is returned which is to be passed to TFile:: This is the basic low level write operation. tfile